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I feel old. Not old as in feeling like an old man, but older and wiser. I feel I’m entering a new phase of life. I feel calm and at peace. I feel more clear-headed with the decisions I make sure I bathed them in prayer before I make them. I have lived a life full of quick and rash decisions. I’ve made a lot of blunders as a result of it. But I’m pretty careful with who I surround myself with and who I let influence me. I guess they say you get better with age – like wine. Haha. But I am taking all the experiences I have encountered and learning how to life a full life from them. I don’t need praise or attention anymore. I have great mentors and people I can mentor. I have good community and I have a Lord and Savior who I look to for my worth.

It’s been an emotional weekend. After leadership training, I broke down in front of a large cross and just gave the moment to God. My friend Ansley walked by and hung out with me. It was good because I needed to get out what I was feeling. God is working in my life. He has been putting back the pieces for some time and has laid out a path for me. It’s good to be in His will and actually know it is the right thing to do. Life makes more sense and is way less stressful as a result of it. My grandmother is dying and I am very close to her. But I’m celebrating her not grieving because I know she loves Jesus and will soon be with Him. God has put wonderful people in my life to do life with. I didn’t seek them out, He gave them to me. I feel very blessed. My tears are of tears of joy because I am a child of God.

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The way of a fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to advice.

Proverbs 12:15

This past week I met with 3 huge mentors in my life – Mark, Mike and Marty (haha..the three M’s). I really enjoy soaking in knowledge and wisdom from all of them because they are guys I have modeled my life after. Mark is just a solid husband and has really help me keep my life from going through major roller coasters by daily repentance and drawing close to God. I model my time with God after him as he spends every morning in prayer and in the word. Mike has given me that unconditional love and has stuck to me like glue. He believes in me and defends me and is always there when I need him. Marty is my example of a Godly leader and family man and I love talking ministry with him. We have a long history together and I look forward to serving alongside of him again in the future.

I’m blessed to have several guy friends my age that are solid in their relationship with the Lord to do life with. But these older Godly men are the ones who keep me on track and who I see as examples of how I want to live my life. I’m thankful for their love and accountability and to God for blessing me with their friendship.

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I was running errands today and glanced at a card that I keep on my console in my truck. It reads:

My friends will determine the DIRECTION and QUALITY of my life

A pastor friend of mine gave me that card awhile back. It is something I keep in my truck as a reminder to be careful of who I choose to hang out with. This will be especially helpful if you are one that doesn’t discern God’s voice well and will need to rely on Godly wisdom from Godly people for advice.  It’s sad because most people will only keep company that only tells them what they want to hear or that will continually praise them so that they feel good or justified. You can tell these people because they will reach a certain age and will still live a life of immaturity and make scores of bad decisions and never get anywhere in life. They put more worth in the voice of man over the voice of God.

Can a maid forget her ornaments, or a bride her attire? yet my people have forgotten me days without number.
[Can a single lady forget her bling, or a bride her wedding gown? yet I AM not even on my people’s radar screen for eeons.]  Jeremiah 2:32

I know having kids has helped me a lot in this area. I lived the ‘fun’ life with ‘fun’ people for quite some time until I had to grow up and learn to be a responsible father and person. I was almost addicted to being around drama back in my college days and had a hard time adjusting to living a stable life. But it was good for me to learn how to enjoy the quiet moments of life. But what I try to do now is meet with someone older and wiser than me at least once a week that will speak truth into me. Trust me, I hate hearing what they have to say sometimes. Yet it helps me grow and learn. I have been doing this for some time and someday I will be able to give back to younger guys in need when the time is right.

“He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.”   Proverbs 13:20

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