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Lent – Week 3

Sokha’s father died from AIDS when she was three and passed HIV on to her mother. Sokha lives in Cambodia and is now 10 years old. She and her grandmother take care of her mother. Her mother can hardly move and Sokha has to help her go to the bathroom and has to clean her. Even though Sohka does not have HIV, she is enduring a very rough life for a young girl. She endures ridicule from other children and classmates. She loves her mother very much and wants to see her healed.

I grew up going to church and had lots of church friends growing up. Even though I didn’t endure the persecution Sokha faces, I didn’t always fit in school because I wouldn’t always participate in some of the things other kids did. I even struggled as a young adult at places like work because I was uneasy about sharing my faith. But since surrendering my life to Christ, my life is an open book. I pray that God use my life for others to learn from and that He gives me the strength to share it with them.

Mark 12:31 says we need to love one another. God showed me love going through a tough divorce by providing wonderful people to plug into me and help me. The love and mercy I received is why I want  to continue to give back to others. I feel for Sohka and I pray she receives help and love from others like I did. I know what is feels like to feel betrayed and my first inclination is to want to get back at those that hurt me. We need look to Jesus and see how He demonstrated love to those that crucified Him. I want to be like that and show that same love to those that hurt me. We are to be a light others in this world (Matthew 5:13-16).

I want to say that beverage fast is going well. I have saved over $50 for Blood:Water Mission and so far haven’t missed the coffee that bad. Thank you for your encouragement and support!

Great things going on in Uganda

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