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Train station in Chennai

After lunch, we made our way down to the train station. First, we came by plane, next we took a bus, now it was time to take the train. We had to pull our luggage through large crowds of people. It gave us a little taste of what the people go through here with the overcrowding population in India.

Lady with a monkey

Boarding the train

Kory, Brian and I get prepared for our 6 hour journey

It was nice to finally get settled in. But our long travels weren’t over as we had to endure a six-hour train ride. It was pretty crowded and the vendors walk up and down the aisle trying to sell you street food. I slept most of the ride. There were a couple little girls that took a liking to Rick’s Ipad. They probably have never seen gadgets like that ever before. I really enjoyed looking out the window and seeing a little of the country of India.

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