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– This section from the book “The Cure” really spoke to me in my Bible study

The spiritually immature are not loved well, but it is not because they fail. They are not loved well because they fail to trust the love of another.

Because they trust no one, their needs aren’t met.

Because their needs aren’t met, they live out of selfishness. Not only do they not receive love, they don’t give it either.

In God’s eyes, receiving love always comes before giving love. Please read that last sentence again. We have heard too many messages on “learning to love more” or “learning to love better.” In truth, we love only when we first learn how to receive the love of God and others. “We love because He first loved us.”

But because in the Room of Good Intentions we’ve been goaded and prodded to love others more, we charge forth to inflict others with our “love.”

Real love, however is always the process of meetings needs. Any other definition is trite Hallmark sentimentality. This is why wearing masks is such a distortion. It causes us to pretend we’re enough, without need.

The knowledge we are loved will never peel away our masks or heal our wounds. “Knowing about love” and “experiencing love” are not the same things. In the Room of Good Intentions we will hear a lot about love, and our spirituality may even be assessed by how much we “love” (do for) others. In the Room of Grace, we actually learn to receive the gift of love, to savor it and receive it fully.

The reality of receiving love is so foreign to most of us, we felt the need to include these stages of love.

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