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My crazy had passed and my life is settling back to normal for the time being.

Said bye to Ron, Anna and the fam Sunday. Harder than I thought it would be… Then said bye to Shauna and Keira as they head to Africa to do some mission work. Love those two and their passion for ministry… And I just want to give a shout out to my friends and family going to Kenya as well this week.. I will be praying for you guys!

I caught up with the guys of my men’s group this week… missed them. Ready to dive into some deep scripture reading.

Awesome meeting with Pastor Jeff Gokee the other day. He presented an amazing ministry oppportunity for me. He challenged me in my walk as well.. love that!

Counseling with da ex went well yesterday.. that’s always good.. makin progress.

Glad to have both Candace n Nancy back. Two of my favorite people. Call me

Back at work this week.. Work is… well…. work..

Lookin to catch up with Jamin this week before he leaves. I’m hearing some sushi with Axtell. That’s always quite the show…

Looking to have some fun with the boys on the 4th. Have no clue what we are doing.

Rock climbing is on the agenda with Missy. Go easy on me … I’m fragile

I miss Praxis. Might have to miss AGAIN this week. I’m hearin someone floated me some Mercy Me tickets Sunday night.

Leading Bible study tonight and givin a presentation on Belize. Gotta recruit some people on our annual Fall trip.

I think I covered everything for the week. God is good!!

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