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Baptism in the River

After an amazing day at VBS, we made a stop a river that Suresh says is a holy river. Both Robin and Kory wanted to get baptized in India. What a way to finish up our last day with Harvest India. Both Suresh and Marty baptized both of them as Pastors Abraham and Joseph sang praise songs. We all celebrated at the beach and let our flowers float away in the water. The day was capped off with a round of “Amazing Grace”

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His Strength!

Today is our last day at Harvest India. We have one more VBS camp and then we head to the train station for an overnight ride. Suresh spoke with us one last time and thanked us for coming out and serving with him. It was an honor serving with him. He’s definitely a hero of mine for his heart and his faith in Christ.

Suresh debriefs us one last time

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Crusade photos

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Harvest India Crusade

I got to witness a massive crusade in Cambodia a couple years back in which hundreds came to Christ. This was no different. Harvest India put in a ton of work for this 4 day crusade. Thousands came from miles away on flatbeds pulled by tractors. Harvest India partnered with a church from Holland to put on this crusade. It was really late and only a few made it out. We didn’t want to miss this opportunity to see God work in an amazing way. There was music and they honored a police officer that was retiring after 30+ years for his good deeds to the public. Suresh spoke to the crowd and a Reverend from the Netherlands came and spoke the gospel message. He did and amazing job as the Holy Spirit was with him. Hundreds and hundreds came forward to receive Christ. What an amazing sight it was. Praise God! We got to meet with the staff from Holland and greet them from America. We then spent time praying for the people that needed prayer. What a blessing it was to be a part of this and see God work in a miraculous way.

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Sunday Morning Church Service

Are team was pretty small today as many of them are sick. We split into two groups to host two Sunday morning services in different locations. Ours was about a 40 minute drive out in a community that is known for making bricks. The church we held service in was pretty small, but they still managed to cram in over 80 people in this little building. It ended being a pretty intense service. As they we singing their traditional Indian worship songs, some of the ladies were screaming and their bodies began to go into compulsions. The Spirit was definitely here as I felt I was at a Pentecostal service. Many women gave tearful testimonies of how God had blessed their lives since coming to Christ. It was good to see a guy step up and give his as well (men typically shy away from the church in this culture). Brian sang some songs and Linn gave his testimony which led into a gospel message. He was on today. We went around and blessed the people of this church by praying for them.

Suresh on the drums

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Tonight was our second outreach at another remote location. The cool thing about this location is that last year’s India team dedicated the church here. After some Indian songs, Rick Calcutt introduced us as a team. Gary and Kory led worship and Meg gave her testimony. Brian Wurzell followed up with an amazing gospel presentation. We went out and prayed for those that were sick and then had late night dinner in the church. Just another incredible night.

The people of Vemuru


Two girls singing

Rick doing the greeting

Meg giving her testimony

Brian giving the gospel

Pastor Linn prays for the local Pastor

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