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Starving Jesus

It was a rough day for me. Today was what would have been my 10th wedding anniversary. I woke up not wanting to let the day get to me. I wanted to do something productive instead of sulk on the couch. So I decided to serve.


Craig Gross of the XXX church and J.R. Mahon wrote a book called Starving Jesus. The theme was that too many Christians are not doing enough to tell others about Jesus. Too many Christians are stuck in the pews. So they rented an RV and started a 40 day road trip across the U.S. to visit different cities and to challenge those within the church to put their faith in action. In addition to fasting during the 40 day journey, they also brought a pew along and chained themselves to it wherever they stopped.

sj1cryiDay 6 consisted of a stop in Chandler, AZ. They challenged us in the community to go serve at the Liberty House. Steve Lappen is the director of Crossroads Youth Intervention – an organization that takes in at-risk youths. The Liberty House is a building that the kids can hang out after school. They have tutoring and after school programs. The goal is not only to get them off the streets, but also present them the gospel. The problem is that CRYi has a small staff and Liberty House is a very old house that is in need of some work and cleaning. So a team of us when down there to work on the place. It was a hot, but very rewarding day.


Liberty House


Starving Jesus book





That evening, Craig and J.R. spoke at Camber – Cornerstone’s college ministry. They chained themselves to a pew onstage and spoke about the passage in James that states “Faith without works is dead”. Afterwards, Compassion International had a table set up in the lobby. I had the blessing of signing up and sponsoring a child from Haiti named Ladouceur. What a blessing that was! God made an amazing day out of what could have been a rough one for me.



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This is something I’ve been praying about. A few months ago I tried a fast. But I really didn’t keep up with it. In fact, I can’t even remember what it was that I fasted. Anyway, I’ve shut myself from the world the past few weeks to get myself back on track with God. Did a lot of reading. But I wanted something a little more. The Starving Jesus tour is coming to Cornerstone Thursday. I have been following the two men on the tour and the impact they are making on churches through their website. They are challenging church members to get off their butts and do something for Christ. This is where I am at. Putting my faith into action. I know I have a gift of service. I put a lot of my time into my church. Tomorrow I am going with my church to Libery House to do volunteer work. This is ironic because tomorrow would have been my 10 year wedding anniversary. What an awesome thing to do something awesome for Christ on what may be a difficult day for me. I have also started a 40 day fast. I decided to fast from red meat. And this time I am letting people know to keep me accountable. I will be doing it during the duration of the Starving Jesus 40 day tour. I will be challenged most when I go to Boston because I am all about food when I go there. I look forward to this being a time of drawing near to God. He has been so awesome to me!

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