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This is a list of spiritual qualifications that Paul gives in his letters to Timothy and Titus for testing of our maturity levels. Even though they are listed in the Bible for leader’s in the church, they can be applied to any Christian man. I have been doing some discipleship training and learning a lot about what the Bible teaches us about spiritual maturity for my own personal growth.

Overall spiritual maturity (a well-rounded man)

Above reproach (a man of good repute)

The husband of one wife (morally pure)

Temperate (balanced in words and actions)

Prudent (wise and humble)

Respectable (good role model)

Hospitable (unselfish and generous)

Able to teach (communicates sensitively in a non-threatening and nondefensive manner)

Not addicted to wine (not addicted to substances)

Not self-willed (not self-centered and controlling)

Not quick-tempered (void of anger that becomes sinful)

Not pugnacious (not abusive)

Gentle (sensitive, loving and kind)

Peaceable (nonargumentive and nondivisive)

Free from the love of money (nonmaterialistic)

Manages his own household well (a good husband and father)

Loving what is good (pursues godly activities)

Just (wise, discerning, nonprejudiced and fair)

Devout (holy, devoted to God)

Self-controlled (disciplined)

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