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Its Monday… and I go back to work tonight after 3 weeks off. It was good for me. I am looking forward to getting back on track. Looking forward to the Mine this week. I have a full day of homework ahead of me. I am researching unreached people groups for my class. Yet I’m trying to enjoy my day. Probably hang at the pool all day.

So I notice there are two things that I blindly spend money on. Books and good food. Anything else I need to stop and think about it (well unless its school related for the kids). I have tons of books. I love to read. I love to learn. I have a stack of ’must read’ books on my desk. They are in order of which one I will read next. I see a book.. I buy it. Not into the library thing. I know I will read them again sometime. Plus I use them for reference for ministry.

Food. I love good food. I don’t eat fast food and not really into chain restaurants. But I love ethnic food and cool looking hole-in-the-walls that serve good food. I will pay money for those places. I also look to cook. I love reading recipe books and watching food network. I have no problem eating alone at a restaurant.

I worked out this morning. I was going to go home and make breakfast. As I was driving home and saw this cool looking French bistro that was open for breakfast. I couldn’t resist. I pulled in and sat down for a cappuchino and eggs benedict. I usually never order a cappuchino anywhere because Starbucks doesn’t know how to make a good cappuchino. Too foamy. I paid $15 for that breakfast. I really didn’t need to. But I loved the atmosphere. Yet I felt guilty. Then I bought 3 more books on the way home. That cost me $25. So my work-out turned into a $40 day. Not sure if that is a good thing or not. I have the money. I am pretty disciplined with my money. Yet I am weak in those two areas.

When I left this morning, a guy was riding his bike through the crosswalk and fell. A car waiting to make a right turn angerly honked at him to hurry up and move. This pissed me off. I saw her pull into a post office and I wanted to say something. But I didn’t out of love.

I was sitting at a light and noticed the car next to me was a European car and the guy’s steering wheel was on the other side. So we were right next to each other at the light. We said hi to each other.

I was flipping through one of the books I bought ’Soul Cravings’. The chapter I ended of opening was about people who live in isolation. Erwin McManus mentions that it is bad for us to live in isolation. That it wasn’t what God intended. I am pretty connected with people. Yet I feel I live in isolation as well. I like being alone. I know there are people that want to get to know me better. I get emails stating so. Yet I purposely don’t give full effort in this. I do what I can. My lifegroup has social events every week. Yet I show up to maybe one a month.. on purpose. Its a big deal when I do show up. I’m not sure why I am this way. Its not because I don’t like people. I love building relationship. Yet I keep one foot in and one foot out of everything I do. Only a handful of people have I given all of me to. I don’t know what it is I’m afraid of.

I almost have my team to Mexico intact. I saw the list and only recognize one name. So this will be interesting. I’m excited! Two of us on the mission board are leading this trip and we have never been down there. Phillip is going to do lead worship and Derek is thinking of going. I can’t wait to see how God molds this short trip for his glory. Yet I have people on my heart that I wish could go. These are people who I would love to serve on the mission field with. So no pressure if you are reading this. Shauna, Keira, Candace, Laci, Leah, Melissa and Dave. Would love to missions work with you guys someday! (Well.. Candace, Melissa and Laci I went to Belize with… but I love your hearts and want to serve with you guys again!)

My first 4 hours of Monday morning… Travis

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