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I enjoyed PhoenixONE tonight. I got to worship with all my friends under the stars. I also got to catch up with some dear friends that I have made over the years while on mission in other countries. I met Pastor Joseph “Jojo” while in Kenya at an orphanage. He was brought to the orphanage at a young age and is now the Pastor there. I got to hang with him a couple of times this week and we had some great talks. I also chatted with Suresh Kumar from Harvest India for a little while. He gave a special prayer over us and I’ve always appreciated the role he has played in my life. I have had many great God moments with Suresh over the years. Jeff Gokee interviewed some friends of mine that recently got married – Johnny and Criselda Sweet. They have a great testimony and it’s awesome to see a couple that is sticking it out and doing marriage right. My good friend Ryan Axtell led worship and Jeff gave a pretty awesome message on relationships. After years of working under him in 5th/6th grade student ministries, I have never heard him speak on dating and was pretty impressed with his talk. He was pretty hard on both the guys and the girls, but I felt he did it in love and it was a sermon many of us here needed to hear. Ryan and Sara Senters gave their testimony of having foster kids afterwards and I enjoyed them sharing their heart. It was a beautiful night and a blessing to spend with good friends!


Pastor Jojo


Suresh praying for us


Ryan Axtell leads worship


Jeff Gokee interviews the Sweets


Ryan and Sara Senters

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My summer with the kids is almost over and soon I will be readjusting to fall schedule. I’m excited for new opportunities and new adventures in life. Things are good right now with me. Yet I’m a little frustrated this week as well. It’s a cycle I occassionally go through. I’m approaching almost three years of being single. It’s funny because its not something I think much of because I’m pretty content with being single. I really think God wants me to be single at this point in my life.
Jesus and Paul were both amazing Christians and were both single through their ministries. Paul speaks of rejoicing in his singlehood in Corinthians. Being single has enabled me to do so much. But at times I do hit a lull. We were made for companionship. Whether it’s with close friends or with one person, I do miss it at times. I can get myself focused on ministry and God’s will in my life. I do very well with that. But there are times that God will bring someone amazing or something into my life that raises a little hope for me. My mind will wander and the questions of “what if..” start going through my head. Then reality and frustration sets in when is apparent that it’s probably not what God intended for me. Or at least not now..
So I pretty much just pick myself up and truck along life again. I’m pretty good about tuning things out and pretending that I’m ok. Then I realize I need to pray about my frustrations let God know how I feel. I’m good with not being on the dating scene.. I really am. But I think I just miss the enjoyment of being with someone that wants to spend time with me. Maybe I just need a fun sidekick … haha.
You know, I’m so blessed. I’ve stayed very faithful to God these past three years. And he’s doing awesome things in my life. I put my faith and trust in someone who knows me better than myself. I need to use this time to further grow in my walk with him. And his blessings will come with obedience.

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I spent the beginning of my New Year’s in Atlanta for Passion ’07. This is a Christian conference for young adults lined up with speakers, music artist and seesions to help you grow in your Christianity. We spent New Year’s Eve on the plane. 40+ of us from Chandler went. It was an awesome event as over 22,000 young adults attended the event. We made new friends learned and grew in our walk. The music was very moving. For me, I originally looked to Passion as a springboard to get back on my walk after a crazy busy month of December. I experienced so much more. I learned alot about the gift of being single. Being single again is something I’ve had to wrestle with God alot because I thought my marriage was going to last forever. But I was able to reflect on my journey since then and just see all the amazing things God has done in my life. I’m a totally different person and I’m living my life for the Lord like I never had. God broke me down this week and I was able to get focused back on what he wants to do with my life. It was an awesome experience that I won’t forget.

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New friends

I got up early and worked out. I was struggling in my morning devotions. The message from Ben Stuart about the gift of being single was hard for me to hear. I didn’t understand why I have to be single at this age. I know I have a gift to connect with people and God wants to use that. I know he wants to use the trials in my life to speak into and relate with people. But why does my life have to be so difficult? I trust God has a plan for me. I met with my community group one last time this morning. They have been great and have provided much insight for me. It was great to wrestle through the topics of the week with them. We exchanged emails to try and stay connected after Passion was over.


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Now you have Christ, walk in him   (Colossians 1:28, 2:6-7)

Charlie Hall led us in worship with “Marvelous Light”, then John Piper came out to speak. Wow, he was a hard one to follow. He talked about substitutionary atonement (Colossians 2:13-15, Romans 8:3) and “gutsy guilt” (Micah 7:8-9). God requires our sins to be punished and for us to be righteous. Faith fights our sins. After the main session, I went to a breakout on singleness. It was packed! Ben Stuart was the speaker for it and I was blown away by his approach to singleness. He called it an “Undistracted Devotion” to God and he spoke from 1 Corinthians 7.

He talked about how singleness is a gift from God and that sometimes marriage can be a distraction. We have more time to give to God and to serve. We are to set our minds on Christ. Is singleness more spiritual? (Matthew 19:11-12). It is a gift, but not for all of us. We shouldn’t be afraid to marry, but do it in the Lord. Do what fits – being single or married.

Afterwards, Ron got the whole Cornerstone group together to debrief how the whole week was going for each of us.





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