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God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

2 Corinthians 5:21

This is a verse that has been standing out to me in my studies and the focal point of my life right now. It’s all about grace and how God makes the impossible possible. The key part is that God gives us his righteousness, which means we are in right-standing with him. We get this righteousness through our faith – when we actually believe this. We no longer have to carry our shame and guilt when we know that we are washed by his blood and in right-standing with him. This is just blowing my mind..


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We might choose sin now but if we really know what hell is like would we still choose sin? Everything does have consequences both now and in the future.

Ron Merrell is a hero of mine. He has inspired me so much in so many ways. Cornerstone occasionally brings him back to speak on main stage. Here is an amazing message he gave today on our choice to sin.

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Today was Day 2 of VBS. We had another good day, but we also learned our lesson too. Because we have a ‘spy’ theme for VBS, we gave all the kids little magnifying glasses. Well…. it didn’t take long for them to go around burning each other and other things. So Caroline had to confiscate them all. We learned our lesson the hard way – no weapons as gifts for the kids.


Confiscated Magnifying Glasses

We got a little sad news about one of the workers that takes care of the animals here. His wife had a baby last week and today we found out the baby died this morning. He is a good guy and we felt for him.

Today was one of those days you hate on mission trips. Our paint for the building never arrived and we had to cancel our project for the day. Many of the kids were not around as well. So it was a very long day. I found myself playing cards in my room.  I did play Frisbee with a lid with one of the kids. Pastor Linn has been holding a class on Romans for some of the Kenyan leaders that want to dig deeper. So I ended up attending and it was really good for me. We covered  Romans 3 and the topic of sin.


We had a little fun and placed a fake mechanical rat in the girls room before bedtime. For the record, Pastor Linn bought it in Dubai.

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