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Simon has been leading the Extreme Team since Second Saturdays started back in 2009 at Cornerstone. I was a year into being on the Mission board and the concept was to send teams out into the community to volunteer for a few hours on a Saturday. Even though Simon no longer attends there, he has always kept the Extreme Team going. He always has project and sends out Facebook invites to get some of us to help. I love his heart for the local community. Tonight he had a gathering for those of us that have helped out over the past year. But we pulled a surprise on him and honored him for his leadership to the Extreme Team. He was humbled of course. It was a fun night of food and fellowship and I look forward to many more opportunities to serve in 2013.







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Tonight I got a chance to attend the The Homemade Worship Tour featuring the Rend Collective Experiment and Francis Chan and his daughter Rachel Chan. The event was held at the new arena at Grand Canyon University. I went with my good friend Simon and his approach was to come with an open mind. The Rend Collective Experiment is a worship band from Ireland and they played some worship songs in addition to some of their own songs. Francis Chan’s daughter Rachel joined them and sang some songs that she had written. She also spoke from Psalms 45 and about being a woman who fears the Lord.

Francis Chan told a story of how he had a conversation with Rachel and how she wasn’t walking with the Spirit. He knew that both him and his wife had done all they can to equip her for the world and that the rest is up to the Spirit. This can be a scary place for a parent to be in when your kids don’t get it. I remember meeting with Francis a couple of years back in California and I shared the same story with him about my own kids. I told him that I was a single dad and that I was in the same frightening place of knowing right now that my kids don’t know the Lord. We talked about how this is where our faith comes in and all you can do is pray for them that they receive the Spirit someday.

In his talk, Francis was worried that those of us in the arena were only at this event to be shaken by the Spirit from his talk or the worship because we haven’t ‘felt’ the Spirit in a while. The problem with Christianity today is that we want to spend all our time around Christian friends and safe places like church on Sundays. Our expectations are to be filled by the Spirit through a great sermon or from some worship song and we get disappointed if it wasn’t good enough for us. We want the presence of the Spirit to dwell in us around a bunch of believers and not out in the world.

God promises his Spirit when we are being a witness to others. That’s when we need to expect to filled with the Spirit. God will give us the words we need to say and will guide our thoughts and actions. It’s when we are faced with danger and fear when we draw closest to God. I know for me, I love where I am at. I love the uncertainty in my life because I have drawn so close to God and I feel his presence everyday. I really do rejoice in my trials because they always bring my bring me back on course with God and give me a peace in my life that I have been missing. It’s when I have my expectations filled and my life is comfortable when I start to drift.

“When you are brought before synagogues, rulers and authorities, do not worry about how you will defend yourselves or what you will say, for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what you should say.”  Luke 12:11-12

Francis talked about the Koreans that were captured in Afghanistan a couple years back and how the Taliban started killing them one by one. The ones that escaped are now wishing they were back there because they were having to depend and trust God back then. How awesome is it that they would rather be faced with death just so they can experience the fullness of God. You see that all through scripture – Stephen sees Christ as he is being stoned. Shadrach Meshach and Abednego have Christ stand in the furnace with them as they are being tortured. We experience that true intimacy with Christ when we trust him through difficult times.

Even though I walk through the darkest valley I will fear no evil,  for you are with me;  your rod and your staff, they comfort me. Psalms 23:4

The church has failed to disciple and equip us to go out in the world. They are more concerned about bringing people into their building than sending us out. I want to have more boldness and courage to face the danger of being a witness in the world. I have been out in the community a lot lately trying to meet people and share my faith with them. God has called me back to the mission field as well to be a light to other cultures and I am excited to be going overseas to build those relationships. True intimacy and a Spirit-filled life are experienced during the most uncertain and most uncomfortable times of our life. Our lives should be a continuation of the Bible.


Francis Chan at GCU

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