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What’s on my heart

I don’t know if I can hear another story about a family or couple struggling right now. A couple near and dear to my heart have separated. I’ve heard way too many stories like this this week. My prayer this week is for all the families of Cornerstone and in the world today that are going through difficult times. Trust God and make him the center of your family. It is the only hope through these trials.

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I got an unexpected phone call this week. The person that called me was a member of my church and had heard I was going through divorce. He basically told me that he understood what I was going through and wanted to help. Later that week I found myself in his home listening to his story. He told me about DivorceCare and how it helped him. DivorceCare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. It’s a 13 week support group (consisting of a video series and workbook) that helps people during various stages of divorce or separation. The church next door to mine was hosting a group (Chandler Christian Church). So my friend came with me to my first week there and introduced me to some of the leaders. I was grateful to meet others that were going through the same thing I was. This was especially helpful because the holidays were here and I didn’t want to be alone. I was amazed on how each session touched on the many emotions I was experiencing. I highly recommend DivorceCare if you are going through something like this.

Don’t go through separation or divorce alone

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I’ve been reading a book by Dr. Gary Chapman (author of The Five Love Languages) called Hope for the Separated. He has been helping marriages for many years and has written many of the resources out there on relationships. I’ve never been a big reader, but lately I have been flying through books because of the difficult time I’m going though. This book doesn’t just talk about the hope of reconciliation, but also how to approach this period with a biblical mindset. It has helped me make better decisions during this tough time and how to be a better father to my kids while we work through our issues.

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