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I had a pretty long conversation the other day with a friend of mine about spiritual warfare. She is big time into thinking demons are very real in our daily walk. Last week I studied about Folk Islam. It’s a catch-all phrase for Muslims who practice both orthodox Islam practices with animistic practices. Most Muslims believe that God very distant from them and that they need to rely on things like magic and rituals to harness supernatural powers because they themselves feel powerless. Just studying this spiritual realm of Islam has gotten me asking me my own questions of what I believe about the Spirit world.

Maybe we don’t always practice animistic ways as Christians to manipulate God, but do we truly always turn to God for everything? Is there really any difference in how we approach our probelms than those that practice rituals when a loved one is sick? Many of us choose to take our own actions instead of asking and trusting that God is Sovereign. As Christians, we need to understand that Spirits are for real and you see this throughout scripture (For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.  Ephesians 6:12). Jesus and the disciples really did drive demons out of people – they weren’t just stories. We need to be prepared daily for these forces of darkness that prey upon us with Christ’s supernatural authority that he gives us. It’s why he died on the cross for us. I have been better at not trying to look at others as an enemy, but more that Satan is using them to tempt me and cause brokenness in my relationships with them. I try to pray in the Spirit for all occasions and trials.

Evil Spirits in India

When I was India, I was walking through the red-light district and saw pictures of demons posted on these huts where prostitution took place overnight. I also saw shrines that housed cobras for worship. I felt a darkness over this place and I remember having to pray in that moment as I knew evil Spirits resided here. I also attended a worship service out in a remote village and witnessed people shaking and foaming at the mouth as we sang worship songs (My Pastor had a look of terror on his face – I don’t think seminary prepared him for this). Just seeing people oppressed by Spirits firsthand made this spiritual realm more real to me.

I think my comfortable lifestyle in the U.S. makes me overlook the spiritual battle going on in my own backyard. I tend to forget that there is a war going on here too. I truly believe people can be oppressed by demons when they are enveloped by their own sin. I believe Satan puts a clamp on us and blinds us to the truth. I can think of many times that I was in sin and don’t remember it. This just makes me remember to pray for those that are lost and to be prepared spiritually for the battle Satan is waging on us.

“Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.” He replied, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.   Luke 10:17-18

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This was the part of trip that most of us weren’t looking forward to. Suresh took us down to the Red-Light District. This is where girls (as young as 13 years old) are sold into prostitution. Men pay for services and take the women into little huts for sex. It is a very dirty and gross area of town. Even though it was day hours, it was pretty apparent by the look on some of the guys’ faces that we weren’t welcomed here. Harvest India has put a little HIV/AIDS clinic (about 75% of them have HIV) right in the heart of this area. Women can receive a check-up and they are also given the option for help of the sex slave industry. Not all of them respond as they are pretty brainwashed. This is just a starting point for Harvest India to preach the gospel them and give them the message of hope. As I looked into the eyes of some of these ladies, all I could see were blank stares. We encouraged them with some words and gave them some fruit. I walked about a bit and looked at all the Hindu gods everywhere. I felt I was staring Satan right into the face. One monument had a cobra in it. We toured the huts where these exchanges occur. They were just filthy and dirty. We were all pretty disgusted. I personally have had a heart for this ministry and to see it first hand just fuels me to do more.

Hindu god

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We visited a building that was home to the kitchen and food pantry and also a place for the kids to eat lunch. It is Harvest India’s hope that the food pantry always stays full. This building also is a place where women that are rescued from prostitution in the red light district can work. They are able to sew clothes and make a little bit of money, but also go through a rehabilitation process to help them get back to society. Harvest India plays a big part in helping these women. Just looking into their eyes and seeing how much they enjoy what they are doing gave me that glimmer of hope for them. There’s always hope in Christ. Check out International Princess Project for more info on this amazing ministry!

Food pantry

Rescued women

The kids from the school danced for us. We were pretty impressed how well they behaved. We handed them each a bracelet with a verse on it and a prayer card with our team picture on it. The kids surprised John with a cake for his birthday.

John cutting his birthday cake

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