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Three years ago I took the Pathways course at East Valley Bible church when I was invited to come onto the mission board at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. The following year I signed on to their task force and helped grade papers and run the program every week. It a great course on cross-culture missions and how the message of reaching the nations is preached throughout the Bible. Pathways is a 13-week class that explores God’s worldwide agenda and the significant role each of us can play in His relentless Kingdom intentions. Taught through great reading material and different speakers from mission agencies and missionaries who have been overseas, Pathways focuses on God’s heartbeat and purpose for the nations and our role as the church in His wonderful plan. Last week, Christin and I went and checked out the class at Central Christian church and decided it would be good for us to take if God ever calls us to missions someday. We spent our first Valentine’s Day together studying and learning God’s Word.

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So last night I finished my PathWays class. It is a course designed for culture awareness and to better understand God’s plan for the nations. It was intense with homework, but a very rewarding class. I was never aware of how much in scripture it is stated that God intends for all nations to know about him. It is our duty to carry out those plans. I made some good friends from all around the valley and learned a lot. I’m so grateful to be a part of this. Next year I am allowed to come back as one the teacher’s aide if I want. I plan on taking the knowledge I learned and present it to my own mission board. My hope is to be a part of my own church becoming more missional. God is using me in incredible ways with missions and I can’t be anymore excited.

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In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds; Most Gracious, Most Merciful; Master of the Day of Judgement. Thee do we worship, And Thine aid we seek, Show us the straight way, The way of those on whom Thou hast bestoweed Thy Grace, Those whose (portion) is not wrath, And who go not astray.

This is the Al-Fatihah. It is recited five times a day at salat (prayers). I opens the Qur’an. It is very similar to our own Lord’s prayer in the New Testament. I have also been able to study the different postures of prayer. If you haven’t figured it out, I have decided to step out of my comfort level and start learning more about the muslim culture. I want to love the people just as much as I love their food.

We had muslim night in my missionary class a couple of weeks back. They actually set up the room as if we were in an actual mosque. We had to take our shoes off and purify ourselves with water. Guys were separate from the girls. We practiced the postures of prayers. It opened my eyes to this culture that I had always feared. I really enjoyed that night.

Last night I was invited to a seminar in Phoenix called ’A Night in Pakistan’. It was an event sponsored by Frontiers, an organization that sends missionaries into muslim countries. The purpose of the gathering was to raise awareness and support of what was going on in these countries with several of us missionaries and church leaders. I had an amazing time.

I got there pretty early and walked around the bazaar. They had music, jewerly, linen, toys and all sorts of information on the muslim culture. It was a cool set-up. (I of course bought some more books). I spent most of my time meeting missionaries and drinking chai tea. I never knew chai meant ’tea’. All I know it blew Starbucks away.

I then had a gentleman in a turban walked up to me and asked me what country I claimed. I wasn’t sure. I told him my views of the church and how we don’t do enough to send people to unreached countries. He smiled and said that he felt God calling me to a muslim country. He then said a prayer over me in the mist of the crowd.

I then chatted with some local Pastors and leaders around the valley. I also had a great conversation with my friend Amaris, who is going to Finland for 5 months. She has been a person who’s faith I have always admired and someone I learned a lot from on how to have a servant’s heart. Then some people that recognized me from Cornerstone came up to me and said hi. I recruited them to go on the Mexico caravan trip I’m heading in a few weeks. I then won a door prize… a cool slingshot.

The rest of the evening consisted of a banquet with some speakers. I dove into the food. Lamb kabobs, chicken korma, potato curry, eggplant and basmati rice. Oh my gosh… I was stuffed. But most important, I really tried to listen in and learn what God is doing with these people. Frontiers is doing some awesome things. Unfortuantely, the church is not. Over 3000 unreached people groups within the muslim culture. And not enough mssionaries…

I’m not sure what God is calling me to do with my newfound love of the muslims. All I can do is study more. I met some missionaries at the seminar that go to my church that want to meet with me. I also had a gentlemen that goes to Cornerstone as well that came up to me and said hi. He was a muslim.We had an amazing discussion about his culture and what we felt Cornerstone needed to do to become more missional.

I love that God is opening up my eyes to mission and this culture. I love that I have such a heart to spread the gospel to those in need. I love that he has made me step out of my comfort zone. Missions is my heart and desire. God commands us to share the good news to other. I want to obey.

And just real quick about the Mexico trip…

I went on a recruiting spree this weekend and capped the trip off at about 20 people. God is amazing! More than half of these people have never been on a mission trip! I am excited and can’t wait to see what he does with this team of people. God is so good!

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