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This song has always had special meaning to me. We sang it a lot on my first mission trip 6 years ago and every time I would hear it I would think of that particular trip and how God called me to be on mission. How I have interpreted what ‘being on mission’ looks like has changed so much over the years. Today my Pastor talked about being on mission and afterwards we sang this song. It was a moment I needed to just stand in the back and really listen to God what He was saying to me in that moment.

Chris spoke about his heart to be on mission to both the ASU and Tempe High campuses (funny – both schools I went to). I spend about 80% of my time in the surrounding community building relationships and serving people – it’s kinda how God wired me. I form relationships pretty easily and I attribute that gift to God.  I just formed a partnership with an amazing faith base coffee shop and was just offered an opportunity to teach english classes to international students in both Tempe and in China. These are just some of the ways God is calling me to be ‘on mission’ to the community and the world.

Even though these things are exciting and rewarding, I’m still a family man at heart. As I pack for vacation here, I am reminded of how much I love spending time with my boys and being there for them. I’m enjoying my time with my siblings and friends as well. First and foremost, being on mission for my family comes first. This is something I have confused many times in the past. It’s also a common mistake with Pastors who put their ministry above their families.

A few years back I was in a great relationship with an amazing girl and I began to withdraw from her as we got more serious. As I look back at that, my fear was I wouldn’t be able to do ‘big and great things’ for God if I married her. My heart and identity was wrapped up in a mega church that I was grossly over-volunteering for and a mediocre missions program that I was trying to inject life into. Being on mission meant that I was doing the noticeable things for God and I made sure ‘Facebook world’ knew about it. Now I look back and laugh at how arrogant and selfish I was back then. It wasn’t about God, it was about me. Who am I to interpret what ‘big things’ for God looks like?

I’m very thankful for the opportunities that God gives me to go out into the world and serve and for the serving opportunities here in the valley. They really do enrich and reward my life and it’s my heart and I love telling the stories of what God is doing (not me). But at the same time, I love being on mission for my family and watching my boys grow to be amazing men of God. God has really rewired my thinking and shown me what the Kingdom is all about. Jesus says over and over that the Kingdom of God is near and for me, that could just be chatting with the guy next to me in a coffee shop. Only Jesus can move mountains (the ‘big things”) and I am here to be His servant so He can use me to be that shining light to others. His will, not mine and I am thankful to be even just a small part of His plan for the world.

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So almost everything I did this weekend had something to do with missions. God continues to speak to me about this direction in my life…

I met with several people who are going with me to Mexico individually this past week. I have very much enjoyed meeting with all of them and I love my team! It is very diverse in age and personalities. I have very much enjoyed getting to know Hannah, the person that I’m co-leading the team with. She is strong in her faith and in leadership (and organized.. which is good for me). Several of the people going have never been on a missions trip. So I can’t wait to see what God does in their lives on this trip.

I do cameras for Camber. I probably wouldn’t go if I didn’t. Yet.. I love Ron Merrell and I love his speaking. He is doing a series on missions. Its been awesome. I love how he focuses us on God’s commands to help the poor. It is  all over the Bible. It is so clear that we are to reach out to those in need. It would be awesome to see some of those college kids get out and do more. I was stoked to see Travis (not me) step out and commit to 4 months in Mexico.

I had TLT (team leadership training) all weekend. Basically it a whole seminar on leading a short-term team into another country. I found it very informative. We had a good group show up for and Cornerstone hosted it. There were a lot of dos and don’ts of entering another country. But they also talked a lot about team unity. This was perfect for me because I’m heading for my first team into Mexico. I was able to use some of what I learned at my meeting with them yesterday.

I spend a good majority of my day yesterday with a missionary friend. I am learning so much from this guy. I love that he takes the time to mentor me on missions and just my walk in general. Being on the mission board can be hard at times because of all the politics that are be involved. I’m a go and ’preach the gospel’ type of guy. But the board has taught me that there is so much more involved in sending people out. I see things I don’t like, yet I am learning that I have to trust God in the members that he has designated to be there and that our decisions are all ultimately in his plans.

Other than a busy weekend with all of this… I spent my time doing homework and a research paper for my missions class. I only have a few weeks left and I have enjoyed it. I am really learning a lot and I love the direction God is leading me to with missions. I never though I would have such a heart for this.

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