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Last year I saw this movie with my son and loved it. It brought me back to when I went to Kenya in 2009 and went on a safari. Well, Ty and I watched it again today and every scene of this movie looked so familiar to the safari I went on. After watching the making of the movie, I found out it was filmed on the Maasai Mara – where I went. Knowing I will be in Africa soon, this movie got me excited to be able to travel overseas to once again see God’s creation. It’s a beautiful movie and I’m thankful to the filmmakers for making it and capturing the beauty of Africa.

Below are some pictures from my safari 

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The Maasai Village

Masai women singing

Maasai women singing

We spent the day looking at animals on the Maasai Mara and Serengeti. When we got back, we got to visit a Maasai village. The Maasai are a warrior tribe that still uphold to some of their old customs. They have multiple wives. They can trade their sister or some cows for a wife. They sometimes decide by how high they can jump too.

Maasai men jumping

Maasai men jumping

The women build their homes and they build them out of cow dung (not sure if this would go well back home). We got to go inside one of them. There are no windows, just a small little hole. The men are circumcised in a public ceremony at age 16 are are not allowed to show pain or they are disgraced. I made friends with one of the men (Coya) and he dressed me with their traditional garb.




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