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I have been doing this Experiencing God study for 4 weeks now. I started this study over a year ago and was pretty committed to it for a few weeks. Then life got hard and the devotions I did weren’t consistent. I would do a devotion maybe once a week. Today’s devotion is the last one I did before I quit doing Experiencing God altogether over a year ago. I remember that period of my life. Life was getting rough and I was taking hold of the reigns on my own. I quit trusting God was sovereign over my trials. As I look at today’s devotion, I was convicted by what it was about and what I probably struggled with back then – Loving God. My time with God is very intimate right now and I look forward to going through this whole study as it has enriched my life so much. It has revealed so much of my heart issues and how I view God. I am thankful He continues to initiate His love for me so I can respond in obedience and in love.

Your relationship with God right now reveals what you believe about Him. It is spiritually impossible for you to truly believe one way and practice another. If you really believe God is love, you will also accept the fact that His will is always best for you. By nature God is omniscient – all-knowing. He has all the knowledge – past, present, and future. Nothing is outside His knowledge. Whenever God expresses Himself to you, therefore, His directions are always trustworthy.

If you have an obedience problem, you have a love problem.

(Big Ouch on this one. Very convicting…)

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