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Bob Goff spoke at PhoenixONE tonight. He’s a riot and really got the crowd going. He has a New York Times bestseller book called Love Does and donates most of the proceeds to help out was victims in Uganda. After the recent tragic news of director Jeff Gokee’s son being diagnosed with leukemia, he asked if we could lift him up by body surfing him through the crowd. It was an amazing night as my good friend Ryan Axtell led worship. His message for the night – Be not Afraid! Don’t be afraid to do something out of the ordinary for God.

Lifting up Jeff Gokee

Ryan Axtell leads worship

– Below are some notes from the talk 

BE NOT AFRAID – Romans 8:31, Genesis 15:1

Do something for God! Look for evidence of Jesus. Stop listening to the people who put fear into you and listen to those that will speak truth into you. Don’t be typical – give forgiveness! Do something out of the ordinary for God!

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