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I just wanted to give a little shout out to someone I’ve been getting to know recently. Amber Hunter has been an encourgament to me and for what the Lord is doing in me. She recently just had her first album Freedom Steps funded on Kickstarter.  This weekend she is playing a fundraiser show at 8th Day Coffee & Culture that showcases several artists in the local Phoenix area. She is an amazing woman and I just love her faith and how God is using her through her music.

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I love Kickstarter! I have funded many of my friend’s projects through them. My long-time dear friend Ryan Axtell is making a new album and is raising support for it. I have done ministry with this guy for years and I just adore his family! He’s been a great friend and has stuck with me through the ups and downs of life. So I just want to get out a blurb out and get people on board with what God is doing in his life. You can check out and support his latest project here at Kickstarter.

An old youtube video I shot of Ryan playing at the old Praxis church

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