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As we walked to the next house, I tried to look around and enjoy the beautiful sites of Guatemala. I loved the occasional trees that grew the red flowers. I also spent some time trying to improve my spanish. I talked with a gentleman about Guatemala and tried to learn more about the country. He showed me a termite nest and gave me a little lecture on how they build them. It was really cool. Karyn really connected with one of the girls from the village and they were listening to music on her IPod. I caught of glimpse of them dancing with Julie and Savannah. Speaking of Julie, she snagged a pig and gave it some oral medicine. Man those things are loud. At the next house we had some time to play with some little kids who provided some fun entertainment for us before we got to work.

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Rok n Rol 101

Ok… my son Jake turns 12 today. Makes me feel just a tad old.. but that’s ok. He’s a blast to be around. Jake started drumming earlier this year. That led to an interest in music for him (along with a little help from Guitar Hero)

I was a huge concert going back in the day. Probably been to over a 100 concerts in my life. I also collected a lot of CD’s in the 90’s. Have over 300 of those… still. I’ve been debating on what to do with them. Thought about downloading all of them on my IPod. They are just not really worth anything to sell. But they do take up a lot of space.

Jake a month ago he ask me if I ever heard the song ‘Welcome to the Jungle’. Then he ask me if I ever heard of AC/DC. I laughed and showed him my concert stubs. I then started digging out my CD collection for him. We listened to U2, Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Guns and Roses. He’s been asking me a lot about rock history. So we talked about the Beetles, Led Zepplin, etc.

So I’m enjoyed these talks with him. Its starting to bring my passion of music back. I showed him a Nirvana concert DVD yesterday. He learned all about smashing guitars, stage dives and mosh pits from that DVD. I told him of some of my mosh pit days and the injuries I suffered at many concerts. I did visit a couple of hospitals back in the day from a couple crazy concerts.

Anyway… right now I’m enjoying having a 12 year old. But the teenage years around the corner are a whole different story…

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Ok… easily the best gift I have I have gotten recently. An IPod. My mom gave me one for my birthday. Sure I love music. Sure I can put some TV shows or movies on it. Very cool. But the thing I love are podcasts. I love tapping into different churches all over the nation and downloading their sermons. I’m listening to 3 to 4 sermons a night at work. Wow.. talk about filling myself  up with the Word. It’s cool to see how the Holy Spirit is leading all these different churches and pastors and their sermons. There is a church I’m attending on the side here and there that preaches a lot from the Old Testament. I’m really digging that. What.. what a great present! Thanks Mom!

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