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Child Sponsorship

I sponsored my first child in Haiti five years ago. What a joy it is to know that for about $30 a month you can provide for a child’s needs. I knew I wanted to sponsor a child here in India. This little girl just melted from the beginning. She sang with me, held my hand, kissed my cheek.. She reeled me in. Her name is Ratna Kumari and I was able to set up sponsorship with Suresh. What a blessing it is knowing I will be able to blessed her life with my finances.

Me and Ratna

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Hope Care Center

We drove out to the Hope Care Center, which is a HIV/AIDS hospice for sick patients. We met and prayed for some of the patients. For me, it was hard to pray for some of these patients knowing that some of them won’t be around too much longer. One lady shared her story. She is 25 and got HIV out of prostitution. But since coming to Christ, she is now in remission. There’s still some hope for these patients.

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Train station in Chennai

After lunch, we made our way down to the train station. First, we came by plane, next we took a bus, now it was time to take the train. We had to pull our luggage through large crowds of people. It gave us a little taste of what the people go through here with the overcrowding population in India.

Lady with a monkey

Boarding the train

Kory, Brian and I get prepared for our 6 hour journey

It was nice to finally get settled in. But our long travels weren’t over as we had to endure a six-hour train ride. It was pretty crowded and the vendors walk up and down the aisle trying to sell you street food. I slept most of the ride. There were a couple little girls that took a liking to Rick’s Ipad. They probably have never seen gadgets like that ever before. I really enjoyed looking out the window and seeing a little of the country of India.

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