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Andy Cherry

The Digital Age

The Digital Age

Tonight I went to a concert at Mission Community church with some friends. Mission’s worship leader, Andy Cherry opened up for the Digital Age. Andy was awesome as he played a lot of his songs that he has written including “Our God’s Alive”. The Digital Age is comprised of four members of the David Crowder Band. They just released their first EP “Rehearsals”. I love their new music and the direction God is taking them. It was a blessed night to get out and sing songs of praise to God.

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David Crowder

David Crowder started us off with worship this morning. I just got to say that I love this new direction he is taking with his music. My Beloved is such a great song – it’s got that fun bluegrass feel too it. Then he played Oh Praise Him which is always a song that has been near and dear to me. Then of course he got us all awake and moving by breaking out a little hoedown music with I saw the Light.





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