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Hope Care Center

We drove out to the Hope Care Center, which is a HIV/AIDS hospice for sick patients. We met and prayed for some of the patients. For me, it was hard to pray for some of these patients knowing that some of them won’t be around too much longer. One lady shared her story. She is 25 and got HIV out of prostitution. But since coming to Christ, she is now in remission. There’s still some hope for these patients.

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Work Day

Busy day today. At chapel, Mama Zipporah broke the news that the head dean of the school’s  (Mr. Kwuaka) wife had a baby last night. We then broke into work teams for the day. The cement guys arrived to work on the sidewalk.  I led the team that was going to paint some walls. Then some of our girls took the kids with HIV to the AIDS clinic for their monthly check-up. There are just over 10 of them. It is really sad, but amazing how joyful they are.



Jane, Amy, Micah & I ended up painting the room adjacent to the kitchen. They were mostly black because of the smoke from the furnaces. It was a challenge because of the kids running around us.  But we got our job done. Afterwards, I went and watched the cement guys work. These Kenyans do things differently than us. Watching the 15 workers mix cement, wheelbarrow it and pour it at a fast pace was fun. The thing is to let them do things their way. At the end of the day we had a long new sidewalk.
Making the sidewalk

Making the sidewalk


We are taking a break and headed out on a 3 day safari tomorrow. Should be fun!

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