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God moments are not coincidences

I’m starting to see a pattern in my life. My experiences and events in my life seem to all connect. Especially with people. I meet and have experiences with people who connect with happenings in my own life. There are times that God puts me in situations that I avoid that makes me make a decision. There is a lot of synchronicity in my life. Things happen for a reason. These are God moments. This is how God communicates with me.. yet it seems he remains anonymous.

One example is that I have been pondering going on a mission trip to another country later this year. The next day I meet a missionary to that country who gives me all types of info about it and offers to educate me about the people there. Then in my missionary class, I was assigned a project to research unreached people groups in another country. Well, I was assigned the country that I have been praying about. And last, I found out I’m off from work the week the trip is being planned. Coincidence? I think not.

Our physical senses are unable to recognize the spiritual dimension around us. So I believe coincidence is a form of spiritual sense that God uses to help us with this. Now it is up to us to recognize this and choose to obey what God is trying to tell us. Things happen for a reason. I know God puts people in my life and puts me in situations for a reason. I am slowly no longer being surprised when I am put in a ‘God moment’. I just look up and smile now.

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