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Outreach at Epuru

We took a long, bumpy ride to a remote village called Epuru. There we hosted an outreach to many who have never heard the gospel. Some of the Harvest India Pastors sang some songs and got the crowd moving. After a greeting by Suresh, Brian and Kory sang some American worship songs. Robin then came up and gave her testimony of how she found Christ. Her story was very moving. Marty then came up and gave a gospel presentation with the help of a translator. The Spirit moved through him as quite a few people stood up to receive Christ. We were asked as a team to go around and pray for these people. I was blown away how many came up to me and asked for prayer. It was an incredible day and a amazing evening. And we are just getting started.. God is good!

Suresh greets the crowd

Brian and Kory lead worship

Robin gives her testimony

Marty presents the gospel

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