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We had a small break in between the morning sessions and the evening session. I couldn’t go anywhere in downtown Atlanta without seeing crowds of students everywhere. Even in the CNN center, young adults were seated on the floor all over the food court. It was actually kinda cool to see! I know a lot of the folks I ran into wanted to know what was going on with all these people everywhere. It opened the door to some conversation about Passion and what God is doing in the world.



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The Georgia Dome is where the main sessions for Passion take place and where we gather together as one body. So where does 60,000 students go for community groups and break outs? The Georgia World Congress Center is a massive 3.9 million square foot building with several levels of exhibit halls and rooms. It is joined with the Phillips Arena, Centennial Park, the Georgia Dome and the CNN center. Despite its size, there were still large crowds of people everywhere as the students at Passion pretty much took over downtown Atlanta for the week.






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