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Work Day

Busy day today. At chapel, Mama Zipporah broke the news that the head dean of the school’s  (Mr. Kwuaka) wife had a baby last night. We then broke into work teams for the day. The cement guys arrived to work on the sidewalk.  I led the team that was going to paint some walls. Then some of our girls took the kids with HIV to the AIDS clinic for their monthly check-up. There are just over 10 of them. It is really sad, but amazing how joyful they are.



Jane, Amy, Micah & I ended up painting the room adjacent to the kitchen. They were mostly black because of the smoke from the furnaces. It was a challenge because of the kids running around us.  But we got our job done. Afterwards, I went and watched the cement guys work. These Kenyans do things differently than us. Watching the 15 workers mix cement, wheelbarrow it and pour it at a fast pace was fun. The thing is to let them do things their way. At the end of the day we had a long new sidewalk.
Making the sidewalk

Making the sidewalk


We are taking a break and headed out on a 3 day safari tomorrow. Should be fun!

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