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Tonight I had to have that tough talk with my son about death. As a father you always look for opportunities to connect with your child about real life situations. But death is a hard one because you don’t know what goes on in a child’s head when it happens. I know the experience will be beneficial in the long run, but it’s still never fun.

A family from my former church was in a car accident and their 13-year-old was killed on Monday. He was a friend of my son’s and in his discipleship group. The church called me to let me know that night. Tonight his group leader took all the kids out to talk about it and to celebrate his life. I was in student ministries for many years and have led boys in this age group and it is not easy to try to chat with them about this subject. I know for me I try to do less talking and let them ask as many questions as they want.

When I told my son, he sat in silence for a bit. I asked him how he was doing and he said ok. I’ve grown really close to both my kids over the past couple years because of family tragedies. So I’m very thankful to the Lord for these moments to bond. My kids are growing up and will soon be on their own. I didn’t have a father who was there for me during the tough trials of life (I do now..), so it’s important for me to make sure I’m there for them. I pray for this family and I feel for their loss. Being a parent is a wonderful thing and I am so blessed that God gave me two great boys to raise. But this tragedy has made me realize I could lose anyone one of mine at anytime. So I’m going to cherish this moment I had with him to connect over this.

Please pray for the Galaska family who lost their youngest child in that accident. Their oldest child needs your prayers! Visit their CaringBridge page. Blessings!

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I’m a day away from leaving. We had a packing meeting this past Monday night. We are bringing a lot of supplies to Kenya for the VBS camps. In addition to flip flops and t-shirts, sound equipment and toothbrushes were also packed. This meeting made leaving more of a reality. I’m excited to be rooming with Pastor Linn. I’m looking forward to chatting with him on a more personal basis. Even though he was my youth pastor back in the day, it is difficult to catch him one on one these days. Lisa Winters and Debbie Newell did a great job in getting things organized.

It is difficult to get ready for a two and a half week trip. I had lots of little things to do at home before I leave. But I’m now packed and ready. I said bye to my kids and to my parents last night. Tonight I said goodbye to Ashleigh and friends. I will miss them. But at the same time I feel so blessed to have this opportunity. God does amazing things when you are faithfull to Him. Keep our team and the children of Huruma in prayer.

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Lisa Winters goes over last minute details

As excited as I am to leave for Kenya, I am leaving with a heavy heart for those at Cornerstone.  We are really going through some tough times at our church. Especially in the lives of these two little girls. Please keep them in prayer.



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