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Andy Cherry

The Digital Age

The Digital Age

Tonight I went to a concert at Mission Community church with some friends. Mission’s worship leader, Andy Cherry opened up for the Digital Age. Andy was awesome as he played a lot of his songs that he has written including “Our God’s Alive”. The Digital Age is comprised of four members of the David Crowder Band. They just released their first EP “Rehearsals”. I love their new music and the direction God is taking them. It was a blessed night to get out and sing songs of praise to God.

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Josh Riebock

Life is a field. You aren’t alone.

I won’t forget tonight. Not only was it Election night, it was PhoenixONE and they had a special treat for us. Josh Riebock is a writer. He wrote a book called Heroes and Monsters and I had the chance to read it over the summer. The book tore me up. It’s a story about Josh’s relationship with his dad who was his hero. Despite the fact that his dad was his hero, he had a dark side to him. His dad was an alcoholic and Josh writes a book on how he couldn’t comprehend knowing who this guy was when he started drinking. His dad was his hero and yet he was a monster to him. It’s a great book on how the events of our lives and how they shape us. It’s about how we can be loving people and then switch and be the ugliest people in the world. It’s about the struggle inside us and how we can find hope in Christ through our trials and pain.

Josh talked about how God wants to take us to the depths of pain so we can learn and heal from it. We like to hide and stuff our junk and God wants to release us from it. He wants to give us freedom from the things we are scared of. I’m so thankful Josh came tonight and thankful to my former Pastor Ron for recommending his book to me. I had been corresponding with Josh before he came and he gave me a big hug when I introduced myself to him afterwards. I loved that I felt like an buddy of his and how welcoming he was. I’m a huge fan of transparent real guys and Josh’s story has been a blessing to me as I have experienced the same father pains as he has.

Andy Cherry led worship and I was able to bring a bunch of my friends with me. We were all impacted by Josh’s talk. But most of all, tonight was special because I got to bring my son. And for him him to hear a talk about father/son relationship while sitting with me was special. He got to hang out with me and my friends afterwards and I even let him stay up a little late even though he had school the next day. I am so thankful to the Lord for this special night for getting a chance to meet Josh and hang out with my son.


With my bros and my son

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Tonight was a very powerful night for me. Mission Community church held a worship night with both Andy Cherry and David Gungor. They also incorporated many testimonies of brokenness and healing from people of the church. I was in tears during the whole service. God has been doing some amazing stuff in my life. He has brought me a long ways from a painful situation. But in these quiet moments I love spending time with the Lord and letting Him speak to me and reveal my heart to me. I need Jesus. I need Him to continue to guide me and heal me. I need Him to heal the big hole I have in my heart. I know deep down I still hurt. My life hasn’t been easy, but Jesus continues to chase me. He loves me enough to not let me go.

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Mission Community Church has hired two amazing worship leaders in the past couple months – Andy Cherry and David Gungor. They are planning a new type of modern worship service with these guys. Between Ryan and Brian over at C-Stone and these guys, I’m super stoked for church options for worship here in the valley. Check them both out. 


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