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Well.. I’m not much of a New Years Resolution guy. I don’t need a particular day to start or try something new. But a particular challenge was brought my way at our single adult program at church and January 1st seems like a fitting day to start this. Our pastor, James Patterson challenge some of us to buy a ‘Bible in one year’ Bible and read it for this year. I probably have read about 50% of the Bible on my own. This challenge intrigued me. So not only I bought one, I bought a chronological Bible in one year. I am so looking forward into diving into this. Today I start my first reading. My hope and prayer is to strengthen my faith and draw closer to God in 2009. I am also following the Operation World study that educates you on every country in the world and what to pray for. Everyday has a different country you can learn about and what people groups exist there. My hope in this is make sure I am always in prayer for other countries out there and to also step up my own prayer life. I feel so blessed to live in a country that has resources available to us like this to learn and draw closer to God.

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