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I’m excited for my son Ty and his cousin Devyn to go up to Forest Home this year for summer camp. This place has always been special to me and I’m happy to see others in my family get to experience God like I did there. This will be Ty’s last week going as a high school student. Below are some photos from their fun week there.

Photos from Forest Home

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The kids are off to camp in San Diego with Hume. I’m excited for my son to experience this week with friends and God.


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I’m loving being on campus at my alma mater. I have so many fond memories at ASU. Today was special because I had lunch with a friend of mine who is a full-time student. I first got to know Alina at Forest Home camp back in 2006. She needed help getting around in her wheelchair and many of us guys stepped up to make sure she had a good experience that weekend. We have been great friends since. She really has humbled my heart and showed me a lot about myself and my attitude toward those with special needs. I love cooking breakfast, having coffee and playing dice games with her. She is amazing woman of God and I love seeing her door greet at PhoenixONE. Below is a video of her testimony.

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Today I officially have a junior in high school and a jr higher. I can’t believe how fast my kids are growing! I also noticed on Facebook that this group of boys that I counseled at Forest Home camp are all now Freshmen in high school. They were entering the 5th grade when I was their leader at that time! This was such an amazing time in my life and I have felt this urge to work with students again. It’s such a blessing! I run into kids I have discipled here and there and it amazes me how they don’t forget their leaders. I loved these boys and I’m so thankful God gave me the opportunity to invest in them. The boy on the right was pretty special to me as he really struggling with life at that point. I am thankful I got to be his small group leader for two years and I’m proud of him and all the other boys who are growing to be men.


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Hume San Diego

These are a couple of pictures that were sent to me from Hume San Diego. Ty is currently there having a blast with other Jr highers from Cornerstone. I’m excited he got to go and I hope the trip is rewarding to him.

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I put these exclamations marks because Kimmie is the type of person that just lights up the room. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who just loves the Lord and wants to serve him faithfully as Kimmie has. I’ve known Kimmie for a long time and I have been supporting her ministry for the past few years. She has been working with international students for some time and now works with them in the Boston area. She used to hold small group sessions here in Phoenix with international students from ASU and some of us would come to support her. Then ISI sent her to Boston to work with students there and God is using her in amazing ways! I love reading her updates and hearing how God is working in the students in Boston. She has been in town visiting and I got to spend some time with her today sharing stories about what God is doing in our lives. She’s an amazing lady and I look forward to hearing how God is going to use her in the future!

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I’m proud of both my boys and their growth. They both have some amazing opportunities this summer. Check them out!

Servant Leadership Experience

Hume Camp San Diego

Dear friends and family,

My name is Jake, and I attend a high school group called Merge at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. The high school group and I were recently informed about a mission trip to Chicago, IL to serve and care for the needy and homeless. This will take place from July 8th through the 14th. This will be an outstanding experience for us to learn about the qualities of being a servant leader and to help others in need. After the week of firsthand experience, we will take what we will learn and apply to ourselves and others to our own communities at home.

We will be teaming up with Servant Leadership Experience – which is a ministry of Lead222. Lead222 is an organization devoted to the mentoring, training, and development of Christian leaders and students. They value the concept of servant leadership and provide that experience to assist youth ministries who want to help serve the physically, financially and emotionally challenged of our world as they build into their ministry students and the leadership values that will serve them for life.

What we will do for others in Chicago are work projects for the needy. These work projects will serve churches and organizations in a lasting way, while giving us a hands-on opportunity to develop servant leadership skills. We also will be given a clear understanding of the importance of flexibility and teamwork as we unite together to accomplish a single task.

I would first like to ask if you would pray for me and my team as we spend this week in Chicago.  Secondly, I need to raise $1000 to go on this trip.  It would be greatly appreciated if you would be a part of this journey and be willing to donate to my cause. If you feel led, you can write a check to Cornerstone Christian Fellowship with my first and last name and Chicago (Merge) in the memo. Thank you for your support and prayers.

God Bless,  Jake Timmons

Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility regard others as better than yourselves.  Let each of you look not to your own interests, but to the interest of others.  Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.  – Philippians 2:3-5

Check out www.servantleadershipexperience.org or www.cschandler.com for more info

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Momentum had an outreach tonight in which kids decorated cardboard boxes to look like cars. They showed the movie “Despicable Me” and kids sat in their cars and ate popcorn like they were at the drive-in’s. I had made Ty a car in the past when he was in KaBoom, but he opt out this year. The best looking car won a FlipVideo HD camera.


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Twice a year, Cornerstone Student Ministries (CMS) holds a small conference for student leader volunteers (Momentum, Pulse, Merge, and Camber) to equip us with material as we lead out small groups. In addition to director Nyke Gatlin speaking, guest speaker Kevin Moore from Oneighty ministries in Oklahoma spoke to us. They gave us great material on being a team, conquering our fears and things we need to know to be a leader in the church.


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